Unable to start Console App – Access Denied

To quickly test some code, we created a console application. Only it would not start because of an access denied error. I have never seen this error message before. Could it be a problem with the Visual Studio program or debugger? We will find out in this blog post! Details of the error First, we … Lees meer

SharePoint Framework not loaded in IE11?

Why your SPFx is not loaded on your page in IE 11? I’m a big fan of the SharePoint Framework and especially when it comes to custom development within SharePoint Online. SPFx (abbreviation of SharePoint Framework) allows you to develop some great applications in no time. With the available libraries, snippets and code examples the … Lees meer

AzureADPreview module error (Solved)

Trying to Install-Module AzureADPreview but Get-PSRepository “WARNING: Unable to find module repositories.” If you want to restrict the creation of groups for your organization you will need to run a number of PowerShell scripts. In these scripts you use the new AzureADPreview module. Only during the installation something goes wrong because this module cannot be … Lees meer