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Developing robust and high secure software solutions

Developing secure applications that enable companies to store, manage and share confidential records securely and efficiently. It’s starting from the fundamentals of the design that is made before the first line of code is written. The system must be compliant with relevant regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, or other specific guidelines (usually based on the … Lees meer

Strategy for scaling a web app to handle high-traffic on Azure

Scaling a web app to handle high traffic on Microsoft Azure involves both vertical and horizontal scaling strategies. Azure provides various services and tools to help you scale your web app efficiently.Here’s a comprehensive scaling strategy: 1. App Service Plan STart with an appropriate App Service Plan. Azure’s App Service Plans allow you to scale … Lees meer

Security and Azure DevOps – part 2

In this new post about security in DevOps or Azure DevOps we will take some key elements that can be important in the SDLC of your organization. A better title could: Enhancing Application Security: A Guide to OWASP ASVS in Development Lifecycles Introduction In an era where digital transformation is rapidly reshaping industries, the importance … Lees meer

Odoo officiële partner

Jerbaco heeft het doel om hun klanten ten volle te ondersteunen en te ontzorgen.Voornamelijk op het gebied van technologie zijn ze een innovatieve partner voor zowel grote, kleine bedrijven en zelfs start-ups. Om hun klanten in alle facetten te kunnen ondersteunen is er besloten om met een betrouwebare partner in zee te gaan op het … Lees meer

App Service Docker continuous deployment

Before Microsoft announced Container Apps (Kubernetes as a Service), App services were considered an alternative if companies did not want to set up and maintain an entire Kubernetes stack. Here, a developer can push docker images to an Azure Container Registry, where the App Service pull and run the image. High level design – Architecture … Lees meer

SharePoint Framework not loaded in IE11?

Why your SPFx is not loaded on your page in IE 11? I’m a big fan of the SharePoint Framework and especially when it comes to custom development within SharePoint Online. SPFx (abbreviation of SharePoint Framework) allows you to develop some great applications in no time. With the available libraries, snippets and code examples the … Lees meer