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Strategy for scaling a web app to handle high-traffic on Azure

Scaling a web app to handle high traffic on Microsoft Azure involves both vertical and horizontal scaling strategies. Azure provides various services and tools to help you scale your web app efficiently.Here’s a comprehensive scaling strategy: 1. App Service Plan STart with an appropriate App Service Plan. Azure’s App Service Plans allow you to scale … Lees meer

Odoo officiële partner

Jerbaco heeft het doel om hun klanten ten volle te ondersteunen en te ontzorgen.Voornamelijk op het gebied van technologie zijn ze een innovatieve partner voor zowel grote, kleine bedrijven en zelfs start-ups. Om hun klanten in alle facetten te kunnen ondersteunen is er besloten om met een betrouwebare partner in zee te gaan op het … Lees meer

Microsoft Outlook new e-mail exploit

We are contacting you about a recently published and critical security vulnerability (CVSS 9.8 – CVE-2023-23397). This zero-day vulnerability affects Microsoft Outlook. Please note that this vulnerability does not affect Outlook for MacOS/iOS or Android. Only Windows users are affected. What is this all about? This vulnerability allows the attacker to steal a user’s credentials … Lees meer

Cost-efficient VPN in Azure

If you need to support a small or mediaum-sized organisation in Azure, cost is essential.Microsoft Azure offers a range of Virtual private network (VPN) solutions to securely connect on-premise or remote devices to Azure resources. In this blog, we’ll discuss cost-efficient VPN solutions that fits best with your organisation. Types of VPN Solutions Our choice … Lees meer